Grit Hoodie

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Product Description

Grit is the key characteristic that separates high achievers from empty dreamers. Most people stop when their dreams get too hard. When motivation runs out. When the work is no longer fun. It is an inevitable moment in every project or pursuit. But how do the Elon Musks, Mark Zuckerbergs, and Tom Bilyeus of the world push through this dip?

They have Grit. Grit is about stamina. Grit is about falling in love and staying in love. Gritty people stay with a problem long before the motivation and after the excitement of the novelty wear off. This shirt will serve as a powerful reminder to you that over time, with an incomparable amount of effort and perseverance, you will achieve greatness.

Flex your Grit Tee and blow past the competition.


Fit and Quality

This classic unisex hoodie is great for year-round layering and features a retail fit, crossover V at neckline, hood and long sleeves with cuffs.

Because we print on a super soft blend of fabric for our hoodies and sweatshirt, the print will have a distressed texture.


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